November Ecommerce Digest

Building Keystones is meant to inform, educate and inspire. We strive to help you navigate the vastness and complexity of the digital ecommerce industry and to expose you to expert opinions on different ways to improve the way you sell software online.

To that end, we recently posted informative articles on how to maximize revenue streams by identifying regional opportunities. Additionally, we illustrated some of the more complicated challenges of selling software in a card-not-present environment.

In this Ecommerce Digest, you’ll gain insight into the effectiveness of the multi-billion dollar world of online advertising, effects of the SaaS revolution, the flipside of remarketing during the holiday season, and how to properly understand conversion rates.

Enjoy your reading and don’t forget to offer your own insights in the comment section below.

Viewability Is Key to Clicks | eMarketer We’ve discussed best practices about landing pages before, but here is a an article that explains the first piece of the PPC puzzle – advertisements. eMarketer offers concrete data better visibility equals better click-thru-rates and better conversion rates. While better visibility is often a function of ad placement, it is also dependent on the shape of the ad. As in many areas of life, size does matter. Wide skyscraper ads, for example, tend to gain more in-view impressions than medium rectangular ads.

Gartner: SaaS now replacing legacy apps, as well as extending them | Computerworld This article is a testament to the power of SaaS products and highlights the importance for software companies to hop on the SaaS bandwagon. While corporate SaaS adoption is a fairly recent phenomena, it is growing rapidly in both mature and emerging markets. And this growth in SaaS adoption is not limited to new products and services. Businesses are adopting SaaS to replace many of their on-premise legacy software needs.

Remarketing Strategies for the Holiday Season | Certified Knowledge This post offers some contrary advice about online advertising during the holiday season. Typically, e-marketers want to be cautious in their retargeting tactics so as not make the consumer feel as if they are being stalked across the Internet. This is done by segmenting viewers and limiting impressions. However, when it comes to the holiday season, the (segmenting) gloves come off and persuasive advertising is the order of the day.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Secret | The Invesp Blog This post from the Invesp blog is perhaps a refresher on the basics of CRO, but is an important read for reframing your perspective on growing revenue. Instead of focusing on building more and more traffic to your site, invest your time and energy into improving conversion rates. How? By making the effort to better understand the needs of your current batch of visitors and catering content to those needs.

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