Ecommerce Eye Candy – The Monster List of Marketing Proof Elements [Infographic]

You use your marketing dollars to promote the benefits of your product. But are simple value statements really enough for today’s skeptical consumer? They want proof that what you say about your product is true.

That means you have to include proof elements in your marketing. Proof elements are little marketing gems that give consumers real evidence that your product works, which is extremely persuasive.

Don’t bore potential customers with uninspiring platitudes; they are not falling for it. Don’t just say your product is the best, prove it! There are no sales without trust, and proof builds trust.

Today’s Ecommerce Eye Candy comes from Marketing Results and shows a checklist of 42 distinct proof elements you can use to make your marketing messages more convincing. They are even separated into “left brain” (logical) techniques and “right brain” (emotional) techniques. No matter what kind of customer you’re speaking to, one or more of these proof elements will resonate with them.

Say you have a prospect who is a stickler for the numbers. Be sure to target him with real test data from your company or industry analysts. Perhaps a collection of case studies, or before and after testimonials are best for him. A more qualitative prospect might want to see a celebrity endorsement, a team photo or a compelling company origin story.

Just like customers, proof elements come in many shapes and forms. Explore this “Monster List of Marketing Proof Elements” for ideas on how you can get the greatest return for your marketing investment as possible.

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Source: Marketing Results