Ecommerce Eye Candy — Leap Day: How Much One Day Costs [Infographic]

Happy Leap Day! Leap Day was created to keep up with Earth’s revolution around the sun. It takes 365.24219 days for our planet to complete its orbit, leaving us with some spare change that adds up to an extra day almost every four years.

Lucky us! We get an extra 24 hours of bonus time each leap year! So when it comes to money, it’s an extra day to do business. It’s also an extra day of costs. Have you ever wondered how much one day really costs? At the end of this post, you can find this infographic from Bankrate for some interesting information about the real costs of an extra day, from how much money the average person makes to how much cash the government prints.

Beyond collecting another day of revenue, what are the other benefits of an extra day? Usually, Leap Day comes in and out of our lives unnoticed. However, the folks over at Forbes think the world needs more appreciation and that Leap Day is the perfect day to make that happen. They suggest taking advantage of your Leap Day by doing the “really important things you meant to do all year long, but could never find the time for.” For example, if you are a manager, make Leap Day special by investing those extra hours in your team’s success. They continue:

“Perhaps you’ve made excuses for why showing appreciation is not a top priority at work. The number one excuse we hear from leaders is, quite simply, lack of time. But what if we told you that lack of appreciation is one of the top reasons for employee turnover? And, that the self-reported number one way to inspire great work is to make employees feel appreciated? You’ve got an extra 24 hours on Leap Day. Imagine how good it would feel to make it count for the next four years.”

What will you do with your extra day?

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