Ecommerce Eye Candy — Is Your Data Secure? [Infographic]

Timely access to accurate user data is essential to your business. You must have access to customer details, billing, renewal dates and user account information, and this information must be kept safe. Your customers expect that their personal information will be safeguarded. Keeping your customer data secure is essential to maintaining your customer relationships, as well as avoiding the costly damage a major data breach can cause for your brand and revenue.

In the age of subscriptions and the emerging IoT sphere, your customer data is becoming more varied and complex. You are no longer simply maintaining a sales ledger. Customers are sharing preferences, areas of interest, and vast quantities of data generated from the use of your company’s services. Even moderately sized businesses can find the amount and complexity of their customer data driving them to seek outsourced solutions. The largest companies can afford to go the extra mile in-house.

This fascinating infographic comes by way of Hostwinds and was produced in the wake of the 2013 PRISM NSA data collection scandal and examines how major players in the game of big data are keeping it secure. These observations are still relevant today, especially for any business that deals in data. They looked at Google, Facebook and the NSA and the scale of their data center operations. Hostwinds also explores Bonhoff’s Pionen Data Center, located in Stockholm, Sweden — or rather, under Stockholm, Sweden.

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is your data secure
Source: Hostwinds