Ecommerce Eye Candy — The State of Content Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

Do you ever wonder how you can increase customer loyalty? In this infographic from Smart Insight, a purveyor of digital marketing advice, we learn that digital marketers see content marketing as a critical component of creating loyal customers: more than PR, more than PPC, more than SEO and more than social media. The truth is that content marketing enables the effectiveness of all those other channels.

The Challenges of Content Marketing

You can often tell the importance of something by how hard it is to implement, so it should come as no surprise that content marketing has its fair share of challenges. There are issues of producing large amounts of high-quality content and of measuring the effectiveness of all your content. Because you’re investing a lot of effort and money into your content, you’re going to have to solve these problems.

However, before wrestling with these important challenges, your first task is to define your goal. What are you trying to achieve with your content marketing? Is it to influence the amorphous concept of brand awareness, or is your content designed specifically to generate sales? Different organizations have different goals, but if you want to be successful you have to know what your target is.

Thankfully, the infographic lists many tactics marketers can use to execute the strategy that will achieve their goal. For example, before you create any type of content, you should create a customer persona and map the route you want customers to take to reach your goal journeys. Ultimately, all your content marketing effort revolves around four areas of activities: strategy, planning, creation and distribution.

Tell us about your plans for content marketing. What are your goals and how do you measure success?

State of Content Marketing in 2015 Source: Smart Insights
State of Content Marketing in 2015
Source: Smart Insights