Ecommerce Eye Candy – The Psychology of Online Checkout [Infographic]

To build a successful businesses, it’s not enough to create a valuable product—you have to persuade people to buy that product. And even if people finally decide to buy your product, there is a lot you can do to get in their way and prevent that purchase from happening.

This infographic, courtesy of vouchercloud, highlights some of the reasons customers abandon carts, and shows how you can influence visitors to convert at a higher rate. It makes the case that merchants should pay special attention to things like site speed, web design, product video and customer reviews to facilitate conversions.

Other abandonment issues include length of checkout process, fees and charges tacked on to the end of the checkout process and registration requirements. Additionally, make sure things like newsletter or email signups are double-opt-in instead of pre-checking them.

For more information on reducing cart abandonment, facilitating conversions and raising average order values, check out our guides to ecommerce essentials.

ecommerce checkout infographic
Source: vouchercloud