Ecommerce Eye Candy — Eight UX Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate [infographic]

Last week, Amy Carabini shared five tips for increasing conversions from your landing pages. Following this theme, this infographic from Get Response shares eight suggestions for boosting your landing page conversion rate.

Let’s set the stage. You see an email from one of your favorite stores with a discount in the subject line. The discount is reiterated in the headline and body of the email. It is accessed with a click on a link in the email. The page that loads next is the landing page.

But landing pages are not found only after emails. They appear after clicking on paid search advertisements and organic search results too. Woe to the company that doesn’t take you on a seamless journey all the way from the subject line, to the email, to the landing page, and then through to the payment page.

This leads us straight to the infographic’s first tip: Make the purpose of your site clear. When you strive for clarity, you don’t send an email announcing a new product and then use your home page as the landing page. And you make sure that the keywords you bid on in a PPC campaign are found in the content of the ad’s landing page and in its meta descriptions.

Another noteworthy aspect of this infogrpahic is the fourth tip, in that it agrees with what we said in our earlier post that CTAs and content are the keys to better landing pages.

The sixth tip is part of our dogma: Test, test again, and then keep testing.

Also, responsive emails and pages are key as well. In fact, if the pages of your website that appear on SERPs need to be mobile friendly lest you incur the wrath of Google, and they penalize your site for poor UX. You can try out this nifty tool to help you get on board the mobile-friendly train.

Tell us about your landing page tips in the comment section.

8 UX Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate #Infographic

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