Ecommerce Eye Candy – State of the Ecommerce Buyer [Infographic]

In the last quarter of 2014, Wingify and Visual Website Optimizer, who make conversion and revenue optimization products, conducted a survey to find out what makes online shoppers tick. The results of the survey primarily focus on what causes customers to abandon their carts, what persuades them to return, and what role social media plays in their ecommerce. Use these findings to jump-start your own optimization plans.

Key Stats (Conversion Optimization and Social Media)

  • At 23 percent, having to create a new user account is the second biggest reason for cart abandonment.
  • 54 percent of shoppers say they will purchase products they left in their cart if offered again at a discounted price.
  • 72 percent of shoppers aged 25-24 are open to retargeting.
  • 55 percent of shoppers say reviews help them make a buying decision.
  • 55 percent of shoppers are indifferent to personalized offers.
  • 53 percent shoppers (ages 18-34) say Facebook keeps them informed about the latest in online shopping.
  • Pinterest is the second-most popular social commerce network among women (27 percent); Twitter is the second-most popular among men (23 percent).
  • 25 percent of millennials and 16 percent of all age groups will check out a product if their friend shares it on social media.
  • 80 percent of shoppers say a low number of social shares does not negatively impact their decision to buy from an online store.
Source: Wingify and Visual Website Optimizer
Source: Wingify and Visual Website Optimizer

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