Need Help With Your International Pricing Strategy?

Pricing your product is one of the most important steps in a product’s life-cycle. Price your product too high and you send potential customers to...

You can not simply use the current currency exchange rate as a basis for pricing your products in other markets! If you live in a country with a strong currency, like the EU countries or Great Britain, you are at a competitive disadvantage in other markets. If you are in a country with a weak currency, like the U.S., you can certainly use the exchange rate, but there is also an opportunity to increase your prices to still be competitive with the local market and make a little more money, but watch out for losing sales as an outsider.

Using Analytics to Increase Revenue

Many companies look to macro traffic volume as an indicator of the overall success of their website. However, smart companies are realizing that more traffic...

Create a methodology to analyze your site's traffic and conversion rates. By focusing on the the highest traffic sources, you can optimize conversion rates and increase your revenue. Not all traffic is equal!

The Next Wave in Commerce – Social

A few years ago, all the buzz was about the new darling of the Internet: social media. What is social media really? Well, we like...

Social commerce is a wave that is building in the ocean. We can see the beginning effects of it and every company needs to evaluate what their social commerce strategy is as part of their overall business strategy.

The Joys and Sorrows of Offline Payments

Digital product ecommerce is a special breed of ecommerce because of the expectation of instantaneous product delivery. Because the product is digital, today’s buyers rightfully...

Offline payments may be more complex to support than credit cards, but you should consider the advantages of offline payments when deciding whether or not to support them.

Three Reasons Why Credit Card Transactions Are Risky

When selling internationally, catering to the local customer is very important. The global reach and instant result of credit and debit card payments results in...

Credit and debit cards are ideal payment methods for customers buying digital products, but be aware of the risks of accepting cards are before jeopardizing your online business.


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クレジットカードに不明な請求がある、ライセンスキーの紛失、等の購入に関してご質問があるなどの場合は、弊社 カスタマーサービス からお問合せください。