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Cloudy Skies — Data Security in the Cloud [Infographic]

Running a subscription business means building long-term customer relationships and cultivating recurring revenue streams. This means managing customer data, including payment data, My Account preferences and more. Employing complex billing...

data security in the cloud

Friendly Fraud Is a Lie

Friendly fraud is where a customer issues a chargeback (in some cases deliberately), claiming an item was never received or that they never made the charge. This can feel like a victimless crime, but merchants are paying the price in lost products, chargeback fees, increased chargeback rates and the ever present specter of losing their right to process credit cards.


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クレジットカードに不明な請求がある、ライセンスキーの紛失、等の購入に関してご質問があるなどの場合は、弊社 カスタマーサービス からお問合せください。