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Remove the Blindfold — Advanced Analytics: Event Tracking Codes

Maximizing customer satisfaction and increasing revenue depends on accurate and complete information. Incorporating event tracking into your analytics allows you to see your customers interacting with any piece of your website. Seeing these statistics on a regular basis helps you develop good old fashioned store keeper's intuition. Even more, they provide you the data you need to provide your customers with the very best user experience and to provide your bottom line with more revenue.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the A/B Test

Testing your site content enables you to make the choices that suit your customers best based on hard data from real customer experiences. Careful testing is an essential part of any business' ongoing optimization efforts — especially when the results surprise you.


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クレジットカードに不明な請求がある、ライセンスキーの紛失、等の購入に関してご質問があるなどの場合は、弊社 カスタマーサービス からお問合せください。