Ecommerce Eye Candy — 14 Times in Business You Should A/B Test [Infographic]

Do you base your business decisions on real data or numerous other factors? Rush to keep up with the market? Gut feeling? Because the boss said so?

It’s easy to make decisions centered on these influences, however, it’s not smart because it’s not driven by real data. We know you are in a hurry, but if you take the time to do some A/B testing, you will end up with results that can put you on the road to increased revenue.

With testing you will gather actual real information about your specific issue/problem/change/design, and be able to use that data to make factually based decisions, just like the scientists do.

Be a scientist, not a follower. Check out this amusing infographic from Wingify that will help you determine in which scenarios you should A/B test instead of deciding by other methods.

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