Ecommerce Eye Candy – Twelve Areas That Every Ecommerce Marketer Must Test [Infographic]

This infographic from Marketizator, a provider of conversion optimization software, provides those of us in charge of getting revenue from ecommerce sites many ideas for conversion rate optimization. It takes us through the who, what, why and where of testing webpages to see how they can be improved to capture more money.

This graphic helps you decide how to segment traffic for each test, too. About half of the tests mentioned here can be administered to all traffic segments, but several are only for new visitors and several are only for returning ones.

The first three suggestions are important tests to perform in order to create even more persuasive product, shopping cart and checkout process pages, and include crucial elements like the call-to-action (CTA) button and form fields.

The sixth suggestion offers some good practical ecommerce advice for software merchants about time-based promotions. Electronically delivered software does not run out of its virtual stock of downloads and licenses keys. Still, this step intelligently advises online merchants that when they present visitors with occasional messages like, “Only two left in stock” or in the case of digitally distributed software messages like, “Only two hours left” they should be presented to new visitors exclusively. Returning visitors who come across the same hurry-up-and-buy message will become immune to it much like in biology when a virus becomes resistant to antiviruses it has encountered before.

If you have the time, we’d love to hear about your ideas for improving ecommerce performance. Tell us all about them in the comment section below.

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